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Why Choose Adventures In Malibu for Surf Lessons

Surf Lessons malibu

Too often I hear horror stories about people taking a surfing lesson and the horror stories that ensue. In this post I will share with you some of these horror stories and what separates Adventures In Malibu Surfing lessons from the rest. The horror stories we have heard…. “My Instructor never showed up to the […]

Are Surfing Lessons Necessary?

Surf lesson basics

Surfing Lessons are Necessary! For anyone wondering if surf lessons are necessary, the answer is yes. Surfing is one of the hardest sports in the world and unless you start at a very young age or grow up by the beach surfing then surf lessons are a must. In just a few lessons you can learn […]

What to expect during your first surfing lesson

Here is what you should expect during your first surfing lesson. You have finally decided to take a surfing lesson and in doing so,  cross yet another thing off your bucket list. you’ve watched Point Break, Blue Crush, heard all about Gidget, and the mythical creature we call Kelly Slater.  Now that you’ve signed up for […]