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VIDEO Post of Momin and Mo’s Surf Lesson in Malibu

Beginner Surf Lesson Malibu

Surfing in Malibu was a bucket list item for Momin and Mo. They contacted the team with Adventures In Malibu with a very last minute surf lesson request.  We are always striving to meet and exceed our clients expectations so we were glad to accommodate the last minute request.  We met them at our private […]

East Coast Runner Turned Malibu Surfer

Surfing In Malibu

Surfing in Malibu was never even a thought for Jordan and Collin. That is, until 18 months ago, when the two found themselves at the Malibu Pier, contemplating if Collin should accept a job offer that would move them from New York to Los Angeles. After having lunch, they walked down to Surfrider Beach and […]

Goals for beginner surfers in Malibu

Surf Lesson Malibu

Setting realistic goals for your first surf lesson in Malibu with the Team at Adventures In Malibu. Expectations can run high in a surf lesson, of course it will be fun, but it can be frustrating if you have set unrealistic surfing goals for yourself. Not everyone can surf, and is meant to surf. In […]

A Christmas Eve Surf Lesson In Los Angeles

surf lesson los angeles

What better gift to give than the gift of a surf lesson. Most importantly, a surf lesson in Malibu with Adventures In Malibu. Well, Mitomi did just that. I met Mitomi and her Two girlfriends at our secret surf location in Los Angeles. The girls communicated to me that one of them had just learned […]

Why Choose Adventures In Malibu for Surf Lessons

Surf Lessons malibu

Too often I hear horror stories about people taking a surfing lesson and the horror stories that ensue. In this post I will share with you some of these horror stories and what separates Adventures In Malibu Surfing lessons from the rest. The horror stories we have heard…. “My Instructor never showed up to the […]