From Beginner to Pro with Surf Lessons In Malibu (VIDEO)

Surf Lessons Malibu

Taking a Surf Lesson In Malibu was always a dream for Jane.
She recently relocated from the East Coast for a job.  Her father was a surfer who happened to surf in Malibu from time to time.  She had a deep desire to take a Surfing Lesson In Malibu.  She found Adventures In Malibu while browsing the internet one day.  She then came across this former blog post we created What to Expect for your first surfing lesson

Putting In the Hard Work
After booking her first surf lesson in malibu Jane was clearly hooked.  We spent the first day going over the basics.  Proper positioning on the board, popping up properly and spent a lot of time discussing the mechanics involved with regard to surfing.  The second day was spent building on those skills.  At this point Jane still required a “push” in order to get into waves as she had not built up the paddle strength necessary to paddle fast enough to catch her own waves.  We sent her home that night with some material to study and some workouts she could do in her home gym to strengthen her overall surfing health and well being.

Hard Work Pays Off!!
Janes dedication to surfing really became apparent when she arrived for her third Surf Lesson in Malibu.  By day 3 Jane was surfing like a champ! She was catching waves all by her self and on that day we spent time perfecting her timing.  Please enjoy the video of Jane Surfing In Malibu.