Why Choose Adventures In Malibu for Surf Lessons

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Too often I hear horror stories about people taking a surfing lesson and the horror stories that ensue. In this post I will share with you some of these horror stories and what separates Adventures In Malibu Surfing lessons from the rest.

The horror stories we have heard….

“My Instructor never showed up to the lesson/ he was half an hour late.” ahhh yes, this is the most common story we hear. In my opinion many of the schools that advertise are run by people with a lack of business sense. These “instructors” fail to realize that their students are their clients, and their clients are their business. They do not take their profession seriously and therefore fail to have a proper scheduling system. This results in missed surfing lesson appointments, arriving late to the agreed upon time and certainly a loss of repeat business for the surf school.

“we barely spent any time surfing in Malibu.” This one boils down to one thing. Laziness! These so called “surf Coaches” are lazy. They want to minimize the time spent surfing in the water, and do so by making the client spend almost an hour on land learning the fundamentals of surfing. (or at least their version of the fundamentals) which I might add is 99% of the time wrong! Surfing is like many other things. Yoga, snowboarding, skiing, tennis. While it is is important that you learn the fundamentals it is more important that you get out there and as Nike says…”Just Do It” Being a surf coach is physically demanding and these lazy surf coaches are content to just sit on the beach and spend 45 minutes talking about surfing and only giving the client a half hour of actual water time.

Listed above are just a few of the stories we hear at Adventures In malibu. Now allow me to explain what separates a surf lesson with Adventures In Malibu from the rest…

A tried and true scheduling system. Adventures In Malibu Surf School incorporates a state of the art scheduling system. This system sends out a confirmation email to you to confirm the lesson once booked. Then, I will personally reach out to you to confirm you have received the email. Once you have replied and we have agreed upon the time then that slot is booked. Booked a private lesson? Great! then it will be you and one of our finest instructors. Other companies double book clients and lump them into one lesson. This is unfair to the client as they were expecting a private one on one lesson.

We want you to succeed!!! It was once said, “do what you love and you’ll never spend a day working again.” Sharing our love of the ocean and surfing is our passion. Nothing makes us happier than seeing the smile on someones face after they have surfed their first wave. It is at that moment a special bond is formed. Our clients sometimes give high fives after that first wave and some clients start crying out of joy. This is what keeps us going. Our goal at Adventures In malibu is for you to progress and take up surfing as a hobby and perhaps a passion. Again, we want you to succeed. Our goal is for you not to just take one surf lesson in Malibu, but to send you on your way with the ability to travel anywhere in the world, pick up a surfboard and have the ability and knowledge to 1) Surf safely and avoid any potential injury, 2) Mitigate the learning curve. What you learn in a single surf lesson at Adventures In Malibu would take someone a whole season to figure out on their own. We get you there in one lesson. 3) Once you have taken a surf lesson at Adventures In Malibu and go surf somewhere someone might ask…”where did you learn to surf?” Most of the time the reason someone is asking this is because our team has given you the ability to A) Not make an ass of your self in the water. B) to know the proper etiquette once in the ocean and lastly…to have fun!

Thats it for now friends. We truly hope this article helps you make up your mind when choosing who you will take your first surf lesson from.