Sarah’s surf lesson in Malibu

Surf Lessons Malibu

Sarah contacted Adventures In Malibu about surf lessons. She had mentioned over the phone that she had a fear of the ocean but surfing had always been on her “bucket list.” Sarah, and her friend Erin met down at our private beach. Since she had mentioned her fears of being in the ocean we spent a lot of time talking about technique and water safety. We began the surf lesson in malibu with some swimming in the ocean. This served as an ice breaker. She was able to acclimate to the water without the worry of a surfboard. After about 20 minutes she was all smiles and it was at that time I could tell she was ready to surf the waves of Malibu. We went back to the sand and practiced the Pop Up Method and our special technique to get the most out her experience with Adventures In Malibu. Sarah, if you are reading this…we are SO PROUD of you for not only conquering your fears but riding waves. I wont tell you more about the girls surf lesson experience but be sure to check out the image of Sarah and Erin surfing in Malibu. As they say, “a picture speaks a thousand words.”