Hannah and Sophie go surfing

Kids Surfing in Malibu

Setting Up the Perfect Beach Day

I received a phone call from Michelle. Hannah and Sophies grandmother.  Michelle had been referred to Adventures In Malibu by a former client of ours.  Her request was that we cultivate the perfect beach day for her grand children.  Hannah and Sophie wanted to go surfing, Stand Up Paddling, and swimming in Malibu.  A request we were of course happy to oblige.

Surfing, Swimming and SUP in Malibu.

The girls showed up to the beach ready to surf! We started on the beach where the girls learned about proper technique.  Because they were 8 and 9 years old we started out with some basic surfing and ocean education.  The girls learned the FUNdamentals of ocean safety.  We learned about rip currents and how to avoid and or escape them.  We learned about the stingray shuffle and of course, the age old art of the pop-up technique.  After timing the waves appropriately the girls and Jason the instructor made it safely out past the breakers.

Stand Up Paddle

Jason, Hannah and Sophie went Stand Up Paddling first.  On their paddle along the Malibu coastline they saw the homes of celebrities.  They were none too impressed at the mega estates along the coastline. They were 8 and 9 years old after all.  The highlight of the adventure was Sammy the Sea Lion who followed us along our SUP adventure to the Malibu Pier.


After a break for lunch on the beach prepared by the Adventures In Malibu team the girls were ready to go surfing at world famous Malibu beach.  Our team at Adventures In Malibu looked after the girls as if they were their own daughters.  Hannah and Sophie surfed through the afternoon.