What to expect during your first surfing lesson

Here is what you should expect during your first surfing lesson.

You have finally decided to take a surfing lesson and in doing so,  cross yet another thing off your bucket list. you’ve watched Point Break, Blue Crush, heard all about Gidget, and the mythical creature we call Kelly Slater.  Now that you’ve signed up for a surf lesson, chances are you might be wondering what you are in for.  So the team at Adventures in Malibu got together to discuss what you should expect during your first surf lesson.

1. How to prepare 

Swimming is a fantastic exercise and one that will assist you most when you take your first surfing lesson.   You’d be surprised that surfers actually only spend about 8% of their time in the water actually riding a wave, according to a recent study by scientists at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand. Paddling for waves accounted for about 54% of a surfers time in the water. It’s important to note that you should have basic swimming skills and comfort in the water before your first lesson.

2.  Ease on in

The team at Adventures in Malibu are all accomplished surfers.  When we take you on your first surf lesson we will spend a few minutes learning the fundamentals of surfing.  These fundamentals are the building blocks that you will use to get the most out of your surfing experience.  Our coaches will spend about ten minutes learning proper positioning, paddle technique and practice the pop-up maneuver.

3.  Weird things will be sore

Surfing requires you to engage muscles that have most likely been laying dormant for years (if not your whole life) tender rib cages and sore toes would be just a few examples.

4. Expect to be hooked

After you have taken your first surf lesson and caught some awesome waves, there’s a chance you’ll be unable to stop thinking and talking about surfing day and night! Not to be alarmed if this happens to you, it is called the “surfing bug”, and you’re definitely in the right place to remedy what ails you!

Our team at Adventures In Malibu look forward to taking you on your first surf lesson.